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Parkable - Stuart Parker

Tired of driving around a parking lot just to find out it's full? 

Parkable can help, and you can help others. By using crowd-sourced data (also known as yourself, your friends, and everyone with the app) the app instantly updates when a parking lot is marked as either full, limited, or open. Best of all, it's free.

Fully upgraded to iOS7 to support all orientations on all compatible devices, older iOS 5/6 versions available for older devices.

In January 2013 we launched the app in the Apple App Store with a smaller market, the RTD-Denver Park-n-Ride lots. It's off to a good start but the more people you tell, the more reliable the data will become!

RTD (Regional Transportation District) is Denver's public transit system and with over 70 Park-n-Ride stations across the Denver Metro Area consisting of Bus and/or LightRail pickup we couldn't think of a better way to begin our business than by helping others locally!

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